A one stop guide to Advanced Paediatric training in Victoria

Sunshine JKWC General Paediatrics - Western Health

Trainee Positions

  • 3 x Advanced Training positions are offered in General Paediatrics each year
  • 6 month, 12 month, or 24 month positions are on offer. 
    • Most Advanced training positions are offered as 12 or 24 month positions linked with other departments within Western Health or with a rural site
    • 6 month or 12 month positions only within General Paediatrics are sometimes possible.  
    • Specific positions offered will depend on applicant preferences until the 3 FTE roles are filled.


  • The following combinations over 12 month positions are possible.  Note:  the order of rotation cannot be guaranteed:
    • Sunshine JKWC General Paediatrics / Paediatric Emergency - 12 months, with 6 months in each role - job-share possible
    • Sunshine JKWC General Paediatrics / NICU Sunshine JKWC - 12 months, with 6 months in each role - no job-share sorry
    • Sunshine JKWC General Paediatrics  / Bacchus Marsh Community - 12 months, with 6 months in each role - no job-share sorry
    • Sunshine JKWC General Paediatrics  / Sunshine JKWC Community  - 12 months, with 6 months in each role - no job-share sorry
    • Sunshine JKWC General Paediatrics - 12 months - job-share possible
    • Sunshine JKWC General Paediatrics and Albury-Wodonga General Paediatrics with perinatal (rural) - Are you wanting to do your mandatory rural training in a more flexible model?  This option permits you to do 6 months in each rotation OR 3 month rotations between the two sites over the 12 months so you don't need to be away from Melbourne all at once.  Please note that these are in the preference list separately and both are 12 month, full time positions.
      • 6 months option:  Sunshine 6 months / Albury 6 months (or in reverse order)
      • 3 months option:  Sunshine 3 months / Albury 3 months / Sunshine 3 months / Albury 3 months (or in reverse order)


  • 1 x Sunshine JKWC Community Registrar position is available which is paired with a General Paediatrics rotation (as listed above) 
    • This role includes 2 days with CAMHS Sunshine (supervised by psychiatrists and one of our Western Health paediatricians working on site), Behaviour and Development clinics (at our JKWC site), monthly Hearing Impairment assessment clinic (at JKWC), monthly Refugee Health clinic (at IPC Deer Park with one of our Western Health paediatricians), and fotnightly multidisciplinary Autism Assessment clinics (at JKWC)
    • This role participates in the Centre for Community Child Health tutorial series in protected teaching time
    • Accredited for 6 months Community / D&P training for Gen Paeds training 
    • Accredited for 3 months core Developmental & 3 months non-core training for Community Child Health training


  • Up to 2 x Advanced Trainee Registrar positions each year are able to be offered as 24-month positions - Sunshine Core Gen Paeds.  These positions allow for the full 2 years of core Advanced General Paediatrics training, completing all mandatory (core) training requirements, without the need to apply to different sites each year.  These roles are not available as job-share or part-time.
    • These positions include:
      • 6 months General Paediatrics with perinatal (Rural/Regional training).  Note that the rural rotation is either first or second rotation of the 2 year contract (ie. in the first year of your contract), with Gen Paeds Sunshine JKWC in the other half of the year. If it matters which term you attend the rural rotation, please get in touch in advance.
        • Please contact us prior to submitting preferences to discuss the location(s) available for the rural rotation
      • 6 months core General Paeds at Sunshine JKWC (including ample outpatient exposure).  Completed in first year of contract.
      • 6 months Developmental/Psychosocial (Community).  Completed in second year of contract.  This is usually the Sunshine JK Community position.
      • 6 months Acute (Sunshine Paediatric Emergency or JKWC NICU). Completed in second year of contract.


  • 1 x Chief Registrar (Fellow) - 12 months only
    • General Paediatrics
    • This role is intended for trainees nearing the end of their training as a transition-to-Fellowship.  AT3+ is preferred
      • AT2 will be considered if the candidate has previously worked at Sunshine Hospital
      • This role is suitable for Peer Review - international medical graduates will be considered
    • Management of JMS on the ward and opportunity to independently perform ward rounds (with supportive consultant back-up) and be first on-call; depending on level of training/experience
    • 2 - 3 clinics per week - 1 General Paediatrics Clinic; 1 Developmental Clinic; 1 further clinic can be negotiated depending on your interests (e.g. Allergy / Endocrinology / Neurology etc)
    • Opportunity to be involved in Medical Student Education, Safety and Quality activities, EMR / Digital Health, Public Health Unit or other areas of interest
    • Oversees the JMS education program, assists with roster queries, and provides support to junior colleagues. 
    • Full time is preferred, but may be offered as part-time 0.8 FTE by negotiation
    • This position requires an additional interview for short-listed candidates


  • 1 x Western Community Fellow - 12 months only.  This position is full-time only and is not suitable for job-share.
    • This position will spend time at Melton Health, IPC Deer Park, and Sunshine Hospital involving experience in assessment and management of behavioural and developmental conditions, including multidisciplinary autism assessment clinics
    • Provides core Developmental training with Community Child Health ATC or Developmental/Psychosocial core training for Gen Paeds AT
    • This position requires an additional interview for short-listed candidates that is held in conjunction with the RCH Centre for Community Child Health


  • New Role!
    • 1 x Western Child and Population Health Community Fellow - 12 months only
      • This position will include placements with Western Public Health Unit and the Brimbank-Melton Child Wellbeing Local (collaborative care for children aged 0-11 years). 
      • A 12 month position will meet the core 6-month Population Health component for Community Child Health training with the RACP as well as 6 months of core Developmental training
      • This role is suited to a trainee who has already completed 12 months of community training
      • Please contact us if you are seeking more information about this role.  


Trainee Level

  • Advanced trainees preferred (post FRACP exam)
  • Continuing basic trainees also welcome - we have ample opportunities to practice for the clinical exams and have an excellent pass rate for trainees
  • International Medical Graduates welcome to apply
  • Job-share positions are accepted
  • Availability of 3 month rotations with Albury Wodonga is dependent on two candidates being successful to the positions


  • Dr Alison Pearce:   alison.pearce@wh.org.au   0466 801 565
  • Dr Brendan McCann:  brendan.mccann@wh.org.au  0448 989 617


  • 20 bed paediatric ward (flexes up to 28 beds over winter), plus additional day-of-surgery paediatric beds
  • Extremely busy Paediatric Emergency Department staffed separately by Paediatric Emergency Physicians, Paediatric Registrars and Emergency Registrars
  • NICU, neonatal deliveries, and postnatal wards are staffed separately by Newborn Services (NICU)

Junior Staff

  • 6 x HMO rotating from the General HMO stream - provide 24 hour cover to ward
  • 1 x Chief Registrar in last year of Advanced Training
  • 9 x General Paediatric Registrars:
    • 3 x Advanced Trainees
    • 4 x Victorian Basic Paediatric Training Consortium Registrars (not appointed through this process)
    • 2 x RCH Rotating Registrar Basic Trainees (not appointed through this process)  
  • 1 x Sunshine JK Community Registrar
  • 1 x Western CCCH Community Fellow
  • 2 further community positions are on offer at Western Health - please see separate Western Health - Bacchus Marsh/Melton page

Senior Staff

  • 9 x Paediatric Consultants cover both wards and outpatients
  • 4 x additional Consultants work only within outpatients
  • 10 x Subspecialty Consultant VMO's in Endocrinology, Allergy, Cardiology, Neurology, Dermatology


  • All outpatient clinics have direct consultant supervision
  • Daily Gen Paeds Teaching Clinics with 3 x Registrars attending per day with an educational huddle
  • Weekly Paed Endo clinic attended by 1 x Registrar
  • Fortnightly Paed Allergy clinic attended by 1 x Registrar
  • Monthly Paed Dermatology clinic attended by 1 x Registrar
  • Weekly Behavioural and Developmental clinics attended by Chief Registrar and Community Registrars
  • Other clinics are available to attend as observers:
    • Paed Cardiology - daily
    • Paed Neurology - weekly
    • Paed Diabetes - weekly
    • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry / Psychology - weekly

Education and Teaching

  • Daily Education program includes:
    • Weekly grand round - consultant guest speakers or local case discussions
    • Fortnightly journal club alternates with fortnightly consultant teaching
    • Weekly consultant-led teaching
    • Weekly Registrar-led teaching (aimed at HMO education)
    • Weekly radiology meeting - combined with Paeds ED
    • Fortnightly MDT meeting for inpatients and complex-care outpatients
    • Monthly ward safety and quality forum
    • Monthly M&M meeting - combined with Paeds ED
    • Monthly simulation program - ward, outpatients, and multidisciplinary in other areas of the hospital (e.g. radiology, theatre)
    • Monthly outreach Neurology teaching program from Sydney Children's Hospital 
  • 3- monthly GRIPPS simulation full-day or half-day program - attendance is free!
  • RCH CCCH tutorial videoconference program for Community trainees
  • APLS attendance is facilitated by conference leave and we prioritise leave for these courses
  • Child protection training is facilitated by conference leave and we prioritise leave for these courses

Roster and on-call

  • Dependent on each position
    • For details on Rural/Regional rotations see specific pages within this website
    • General Paediatrics at Sunshine JKWC has 9 registrars rotating through children's ward (including evenings and nights), outpatients, and relief (covers planned leave, or provides research/project time).  Sick-leave on-call is part of the roster.  Most weeks of the roster are 43 hours as per the AMA Doctors in Training award. 


  • As per current AMA Victorian Doctors in Training award
  • Linked positions will be provided as separate contracts from each health service


  • Joan Kirner Women's and Children's at Sunshine Hospital is located approx 20km from Melbourne CBD in western Melbourne (St Albans).  
  • There is (paid) staff parking available on-site
  • The hospital is a 5 minute walk from Ginifer Train Station and complementary shuttle bus operates between the hospital and station during after-hours

    Western Health services a diverse multicultural community of over 1 million people, with a rapidly growing population.  Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s (JKWC) opened in 2019 and has a 24-bed paediatric ward and a Level 6 NICU.  There are over 6,500 births per year at JKWC.  The Sunshine Paediatric Emergency Department is one of the busiest in the state, and assesses approx 30,000 children each year.   

    General Paediatrics at JKWC comprises inpatient care and a busy, varied outpatient service.  There are ample opportunities for clinics in General Paediatrics, Behavioural and Developmental medicine, and Sub-specialty clinics including Endocrinology, Allergy, and Dermatology. There are other sub-specialty clinics trainees may attend in their training time, such as Cardiology and Neurology. There is opportunity to be involved in research, audit, and teaching and trainees are supported to complete AT projects.  

    The paediatric team values its trainees, prioritises work-life balance, and is committed to providing meaningful opportunities for clinical education and training. 

    Do you have a special-interest?  Let us know, as we want our registrars to have opportunities to advance their learning and career opportunities!

    Our consultants love working with passionate junior colleagues who are keen to learn, see things with a different lens, and offer us suggestions to continually improve.

    Come and join us in delivering Best Care to our diverse population in Western Melbourne.