A one stop guide to Advanced Paediatric training in Victoria

Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS)

Trainee Positions

  • 1 x Advanced Trainee in Indigenous Child Health
  • Full time - 12 months  (note there is an option for the successful candidate to commence this position in early October 2024 to cover staff vacancy)
    • 5 days per week, 0900 -1700, no on-call
      • This role is accredited for both Community Child Health Training, and for General Paediatric training.
        • For Community Child Health it is accredited as:
          • 12 months non-core, including 6 months community-based multidisciplinary paediatrics (concurrent requirement)
        • For General Paediatrics it is accredited as:
          • 6 months (over the 12 month period) core Community/Developmental training
  • Trainees are advised to check whether these roles fulfil their individual training requirements with the relevant RACP Advanced Training Committee

Trainee Level

  • Advanced Trainee in Paediatrics enrolled in the RACP Advanced Training Program

Particular Requirements:

  • A separate cover letter directed specifically towards this role is required
  • Short-listed candidates will be required to undertake an in-person interview with the VAHS staff
  • Previous experience or an interest in Aboriginal Child Health is required.  Understanding of and commitment to the Aboriginal community
  • An understanding of and commitment to provision of culturally-informed services to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community
  • Experience in Community and Developmental Paediatrics highly desirable
  • Experience in child development and child protection services is highly desirable


  • Paula Crilly, Human Resources Manager    Paula.Crilly@vahs.org.au
  • Dr Mick Creati, Paediatrician   mick.creati@vahs.org.au 

Roster and on-call

  • Day-time weekday position 0900 - 1700
  • No on-call

Clinics / Duties

  • Deliver comprehensive paediatric medical and neurodevelopmental assessments to children and adolescents in an outpatient setting
  • Collaborate in joint consultations with Aboriginal Health Workers
  • Participate in outreach visits to other VAHS sites
  • Liaise and provide secondary consultations to VAHS clinical staff and partner agencies (e.g. Aboriginal kindergartens, VACCA)
  • Prepare paediatric reports and health management plans and maintain clinical documentation
  • Collaborate with VAHS Paediatric Clinic Coordinator to prepare the weekly Child Health intake meeting
  • Participate in case conferencing with partner agencies to develop join health care management plans for clients of the VAHS Paediatric Clinic

Education and Teaching

  • Weekly formal supervision with Staff Paediatrician
  • Option to attend the weekly Program of Excellence seminar program at the RCH Centre for Community Child Health


  • Conditions are in accordance with the Medical Practitioners Award 2020
  • The current pay scale is:
    • Registrar Year 5/6+ = $87.24 / hour
    • Registrar Year 3/4 = $79.31 / hour


  • Women's and Children's Service of VAHS is located in Preston
    • On-street parking readily available
    • Tram stop outside building - Route 86
    • Secure bicycle parking and staff showers
    • A VAHS vehicle should be available for any outreach visits

The Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS) was established in 1973 to address the specific medical needs of Victorian Aboriginal communities.  For over 50 years VAHS has  proudly provided a comprehensive range of services including medical, dental, allied health, and social services for our community.  

As well as providing a variety of medical services, VAHS is committed to supporting the well-being of the community through contributions to community events and activities. VAHS is also committed to assisting research into the ongoing needs of the community. 

VAHS is a child safe organisation, committed to child safety and wellbeing, and recruits’ staff in accordance with the Child Safe Standards Victoria.