A one stop guide to rural training in Victoria



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The Application Process

PLEASE NOTE that all positions offered through VPRAT for 2022 will be offered through the PMCV match

The PMCV site will be open from July 5th 2021, with applications possible from July 22nd: https://www.pmcv.com.au/aps/matches

Accreditation for Basic Trainees & Provisional Advanced Trainees

Please note that the Royal Australasian College of Physicians will not accredit Basic Trainees who are appointed to positions that are not employed directly through a site with a Director of Paediatric Physician Training (DPPT), currently either RCH or Monash. As of 2018 this rule will be strictly enforced, thus positions through this VPRAT system may not be accredited for Basic Trainees - please discuss this with the relevant health service prior to the interviews.  For examination candidates who have provisional Advanced Training able to accredited due to the delay in FRACP examinations, you are still welcome to apply for VPRAT positions.

Shepparton & Albury-Wodonga Fellow positions

Applications for these positions can also be undertaken via the RCH-CCCH pathway.

For further information about specific rural sites please contact the relevant hospital contact directly (see Rural Sites section).