A one stop guide to Advanced Paediatric training in Victoria

Dandenong Hospital - Monash Health

Trainee Positions

6 x General Paediatric Registrars - 6 or 12 month positions are available

Trainee Level

  • Advanced Trainee (post FRACP exams)
  • Suitable for Peer Review for Specialist Pathway recognition
  • International Medical Graduates and Continuing Basic Trainees welcome to apply
  • General Practice Registrars required advanced rural skills training in paediatrics also welcome to apply


  • Dr Melanie Pillay:  Manusparie.Pillay@monashhealth.org  0417232412

Roster and on-call

  • 24 hour registrar cover on site
  • HMO cover on day and evening shifts


  • 8 paediatric beds
  • 6 bed level 3 SCN (2,500 deliveries per year)

Junior Staff

  • 3 Residents 
  • 6 Registrars

Senior Staff

  • 4 consultants providing both inpatient and outpatient care
  • 1 consultant providing outpatient care only


  • All outpatients have direct consultant supervision
  • 4 Gen Paeds clinics/wk
  • Fortnightly Diabetic clinic

Education and Teaching

  • Weekly Journal Club
  • Weekly Radiology meeting
  • 6-weekly M&M
  • Weekly grand round
  • Weekly video-linked Monash Children's Hospital grand round
  • Simulations
  • Neurology outreach sessions


  • As per award including overtime


  • You can easily get to the hospital by car, bus or train, with the bus stop directly in front of the hospital

    Dandenong Hospital is located 30km south-east of Melrbourne.  It is a hospital within the Monash Health network.  Dandenong is a significant migrant hub with strong diversity in culture and language.  The hospital has a comprehensive range of specialist units.

    The paediatric unit cares for a range of acute and chronic conditions.  The positions are accredited for advanced training in General Paediatrics with a perinatal component.  Dandenong is also accredited for General Practice Registrars to complete their advanced rural skills training in paediatrics.