A one stop guide to Advanced Paediatric training in Victoria

Mildura Base Hospital

Trainee Positions

  • 3 Registrars (3 x 12 month or 6 x 6 month jobs)
    • accredited for General Paediatrics with perinatal - Rural/Regional  (plus 6 months Community/Developmental for 12 month positions) 

Trainee Level

  • Advanced trainee (RACP) or equivalent


Roster and on-call

  • Trainees work across Children’s Ward (24 hour cover), Rapid Review Clinic, Special Care Nursery and Outpatient clinics
  • Rotating 5 week roster (Reg 1 ward day; Reg 2 ward afternoon; Reg 3 outpatient; Reg 4 Rapid review/ED admit; Reg 5 nights)


  • 8 paediatric beds 
  • 6 bed level 3 SCN
  • Shared ICU with facilities for high flow, CPAP & BiPAP as well as short term ventilation/ cardiovascular support

Junior Staff

  • 5 residents
  • 3 registrars

Senior Staff

  • 5 full time staff specialists


  • 2 days per week Gen Paeds clinics
  • 1 day per month outreach (Robinvale)
  • 1 day per week CYMHS intake meeting for developmental & behavioural paediatrics

Education and Teaching

  • The Paediatric Unit Education Calendar is inclusive of Clinical Governance, M&M, Case presentations, Journal club and Paediatric Grand Round 
  • Monash Rural Clinical School students, junior medical staff, nursing/midwifery, interns.


  • As per award


  • MBPH will provide a one bedroom fully furnished Hospital apartment - the accommodation includes WIFI  access and on-site parking.  MBPH will supply a doona with cover, pillows and the mattress protector.  No pets are to be housed at any MBPH accommodation.

    Mildura Base Public Hospital (MBPH) as a 172-bed level 1 teaching hospital providing patient centred care when members of our community are at their most vulnerable.  MBPH is the major public referral health service for the Northern Mallee sub-region of the Loddon Mallee region of Victoria, the far west of New South Wales and the Riverland area of South Australia.  It has a catchment population of over 80,000.

    The paediatric unit covers General Paediatrics, Neonatology and Paediatric Emergency presentations.  We care for children from 34 weeks gestation up to 17 years.  Registrars work within the Children's Ward, SCN, Birth Suite, Postnatal Ward, ICU and theatre, being responsible for all paediatric and neonatal admissions.  There are over 9000 paediatric ED presentations, 2000 admissions and 900 births per year.  

    We manage a diverse case mix and have a close working relationship with paediatric specialists in tertiary centres of both Melbourne and Adelaide.  The Paediatric Advanced Trainee Registrar is a senior member of our team, with the primary function of this role being the provision of care for patients and families and a level of skill and autonomy consistent with Advanced Training in paediatrics.