A one stop guide to Advanced Paediatric training in Victoria

Royal Children's Hospital - General Medicine

Trainee Positions

  • 11 Registrar positions (SSU / EML / OPD) - these positions work in Short Stay Unit / Evening Medical Lead / Outpatient clinics - these are part time roles (please see Streams listed below)
    • 6 or 12 months - please clearly indicate in your cover letter what length of contract +/- which 6 month period you are seeking
    • These roles provide clinical care of acute general paediatric conditions, an after-hours leadership role across the hospital, and delivery of clinical care in the outpatient setting
    • Allocations for specific roles will be made after all roles are appointed (see streams below).  You will have the opportunity to preference SSU / EML shifts and/or outpatient clinics.   
    • Access to the following clinics may be available depending on days the clinics run and rostering pressures:  General Medicine; Upper Airways; Dermatology; Continence; Chronic Fatigue; Allergy; Rheumatology
    • An online evening forum (date TBA) will be held to address any questions about the combination of shifts and clinics offered in these roles.  If you wish to attend this information session, please email Louise Amalfi (details below in Contacts section)
    • Registrar SSU / EML/ OPD position streams:
      1. Weekday Evening Medical Lead and Short Stay Unit shifts - 2 x 0.4 EFT positions available
        • The roles comprise of a weekly SSU shift and a weekly Evening Medical Lead shift
      2. Combination weekday Short Stay Unit and Outpatient clinics - 3 x 0.4 EFT positions available
        • The roles comprise of a weekly SSU shift and 2 outpatient clinics per week
      3. Combination Evening Medical Lead and Outpatient clinics - 4 x 0.4 EFT positions available
        • 2 roles comprise of a weekly EML shift and 2 outpatient clinics per week
        • 2 roles comprise of alternate Friday EML shift and 3 outpatient clinics per week
      4. Outpatient clinics - 2 x 0.4 EFT positions available
        • These roles comprise of weekly outpatient clinics - 4 per week
  • General Medicine Fellows - multiple positions across 3.4 EFT
    • Full time or part-time (0.8 FTE) positions available
    • 12 month positions preferred (6 months considered)
    • These positions combine both General Medicine Fellow and Night Medical Lead responsibilities.  They offer a advanced trainee experience and training in General Medicine, as well as the opportunity to mentor and lead junior staff in a leadership role in the Night Medical Lead role, which has a whole-of-hospital scope.
    • These positions offer opportunities to act a senior level, including taking the first consultant on-call role during recieving periods for inpatients, as well as a weekly clinic with your own patient cohort in the outpatient setting
    • These positions are the ideal bridge between a Fellow and Consultant role, with ample opportunity to step up in a very well supported team environment.

Trainee Level

  • Registrars:  HM25 - HM30:  Advanced Trainee (post FRACP exams)
  • Fellows:  HM27 - HM30:  Advanced Trainee Year 3+ (newly qualified RACP Fellows very welcome to apply)


Registrar positions:   Louise Amalfi    louise.amalfi@rch.org.au    (03) 9345 5579

Fellow positions - General Medicine:  Kirsten Noakes, Operations Manager General Medicine   kirsten.noakes@rch.org.au  (03)  9345 6259

Roster and on-call

  • Registrars (SSU/EML/OPD)
    • participate in the weekend SSU and EML roster (approx. 1 in 5).  Weekend rostered shifts are in addition to the weekday contracted hours
    • Also participate in the Junior Medical Staff weekend on-call roster
  • General Medicine Fellows
    • 43 hours per week for full-time; part-time hours pro-rata
    • Night Medical Lead shifts run from Wednesday to Sunday 21:00 - 09:00 (5 nights in a block), and these positions will be required to work approx 1 week in 5 as night-shifts.  There are 3 days off post-nights.
    • 5 weeks annual leave

Senior Staff

  • 25 x inpatient consultants across 4 Gen Med teams
  • 15 x Consultant Subspecialty Paediatricians, including Rheumatology and Infectious Diseases
  • 24 Outpatient Consultant Paediatricians working across General Medical and subspecialty clinics
  • 1 x weekly ward SSU consultant
  • 1 x consultant supervisor after-hours medical leads


  • Registrars (SSU/EML/OPD):
    • General Medicine
    • Upper Airways
    • Dermatology
    • Continence
    • Chronic Fatigue
    • Allergy
  • Fellows General Paediatrics: 
    • weekly General Medicine clinic with own patient cohort

Education and Teaching

  • Weekly departmental General Medicine meeting
  • Weekly RCH Grand Rounds
  • Weekly General Medicine Journal Club
  • SSU and EML handovers daily - for Registrars
  • Patient review meetings twice weekly - for HITH Fellows
  • Morbidity and Mortality meetings
  • Research opportunities and advanced training project opportunities


  • As per award 


  • RCH is located in the central suburb of Parkville, with easy transport links via bus, train, and trams.  There is paid parking available on-site.

    General Medicine at Royal Children's Hospital is one of the largest department at RCH.  It comprises approximately 100 staff across senior and junior medical staff, nursing and allied health staff.  It is comprised by General Paediatric Medicine as well as a number of subspecialty units including Clinical Pharmacology, Infectious Disease, Rheumatology, Immigrant Health and Clinical Practice Guidelines.  The department delivers clinical care in both the inpatient setting - looking after the vast majority of inpatient admissions at any given time - and the outpatient setting - running approximately 400 clinics every month across general paediatircs and our subspecialty areas.


    For Registrars, options are available in the Evening Medical Lead and Short Stay Unit roles.  In addition, there are various clinics available for those looking to gain experience in General Medical and Subspecialty areas.  These are consultant supervised, and an invaluable training ground.  The Registrar SSU/EML/OPD roles are currently accredited for core training with the RACP General Paediatrics, with pending re-accreditation for 2023.

    For Fellows, the roles offer advanced trainees the opportunity to step into a senior role, with significant autonomy, portfolio work, and the opportunity to mentor and lead junior staff - all while being well supported and supervised clinically.  These roles work closely with nursing, allied health, medical and non-clinical staff and provide advanced trainees with experience and training in both acute and chronic care for patients medical and developmental conditions.  The Fellow roles are accredited for core General Paediatrics training with the RACP.