A one stop guide to Advanced Paediatric training in Victoria

Austin Health

Trainee Positions

7 full-time positions - 6 or 12 months

  • Austin Health Gen Paeds / Gen Paeds with CYMHS - 12 month positions only (6 months each rotation) - 4 positions in total
    • These positions may be offered in either order for the rotations and are full-time positions only
    • These roles provide general paediatric medicine and child psychiatry through the CYMHS department as well as 6 months on the rotating General paediatric registrar roster
    • These positions are accredited for 9 months of general paediatrics (without perinatal) and 3 months of developmental/psychosocial training
  • Austin Health Gen Paeds - 6 or 12 month position - 1 position available; full time preferred, but part time considered
    • This role is accredited for General Paediatrics (without perinatal) for up to 9 months
  • Austin Health Gen Paeds / Mercy Hospital NICU - 12 month positions (6 months each rotation) - 2 positions in total, offered in either order.

Trainee Level

  • Preferably Advanced Trainee (post FRACP exams)
  • Continuing Basic Trainees and International Medical Graduates with paediatric experience will be considered


  • Dr Catie Fleming:  catriona.fleming@austin.org.au 
  • Claire - Paediatric Secretary - (03) 9496 3422 

Roster and on-call

  • General Paediatrics Registrars - 7 week rotating roster through ward day, evening, and night shifts, outpatient clinics, and paediatric emergency shifts
  • Shifts for the Gen Paed with CYMHS rotation include a fortnightly Sunday shift, a fortnightly Monday evening shift - all other shifts during this 6 month rotation are day shifts
  • All positions have rostered standby on call for night shifts in case of illness


  • 16 paediatric beds - medical and surgical patients
    • Medical areas include general paediatrics, endocrine, epilepsy, and eating disorders
    • Surgical areas include ENT, orthopaedics, plastics, ophthalmology, and maxillofacial surgery
  • Large Child and Adolescent mental health service with inpatient units for children, adolescents and mother-baby unit
  • 6 cubicle Paediatric Emergency Department - approx 18,000 presentations per year

Junior Staff

  • 9 registrars; 7 working on a rotating roater and 2 working in a combined CYMHS/paediatrics role
  • 1 SRMO

Senior Staff

  • 5 General Paediatricians
  • 2 Endocrinologists
  • 1 Paediatric Neurologist


  • 4 outpatient clinics weekly - General Paediatrics and Eating Disorders
  • Fortnightly diabetes clinics
  • Registrars attend an average of 2 clinics per week
  • CYMHS rotation includes mental health assessment clinics as part of a multidisciplinary team

Education and Teaching

  • Range of exposure to mental health presentations, eating disorders management, diabetes care, and tertiary level epilepsy services
  • Various timetabled teaching sessions and journal club each week


  • As per award 


    Austin Health is a paediatric teaching hospital providing General Paediatrics and specialised service in the treatment of Eating Disorders, Diabetes, Mental Health, and Epilepsy.  There are excellent opportunities for registrars to be involved in the longitudinal care of patients in the community.

    The Austin has a large Child and Adolescent mental health service with inpatient services, a Mother-Baby unit, a large CAMHS outpatient service, and the Austin School.  Registrars will have a wide exposure to mental health presentations through inpatients, outpatients, and consultations.  

    The Austin also has a Paediatric Emergency Department staffed with Paediatric Emergency Physicians, Paediatric Registrars, and Emergency Registrars.