A one stop guide to Advanced Paediatric training in Victoria

WADJA Aboriginal Family Place - RCH

Trainee Positions

  • 1 x Wadja Paediatric Fellow
    • Part-time 0.5 FTE - 12 months
    • Must include a full-day (9am - 5pm) on Wednesdays, but other days are negotiable
    • This role is accredited as non-core training for Community Child Health
  • Trainees are advised to check whether these roles fulfil their individual training requirements with the relevant RACP Advanced Training Committee

Trainee Level

  • Advanced Trainee in Paediatrics enrolled in the RACP Advanced Training Program

Particular Requirements:

  • A separate cover letter directed specifically towards this role is required
  • Short-listed candidates will be required to undertake an in-person interview with the Wadja staff
  • Previous experience or an interest in Aboriginal Child Health is required.  
  • Experience in Community and Developmental Paediatrics 
  • Experience in the management of complex psycho-social paediatric care
  • Strong communication skills are required


  • Dr Mick Creati   mick.creati@rch.org.au 

Roster and on-call

  • Day-time weekday position - must include a full day on Wednesdays

Clinics / Clinical Services 

  • Provision of clinical care in the outpatient setting in a supervised capacity
  • Undertake developmental/health assessments of children who are vulnerable, involving synthesis of information including social and cultural factors to form a management plan
  • Weekly clinical multidisciplinary meeting, focusing on mental health, general health, developmental, educational, social, protective and cultural concerns
  • Provision of Secondary Consultation to the VACCA Healing team (one day per week at VACCA Preston office)

Education and Teaching

  • WADJA Fellow
    • Gen Med / RCH educational activities, including Wadja weekly meetings/education, journal club, ground rounds and other professional meetings
    • Self-reflective practice


  • As per Doctors in Training (Victorian) award 2022


  • Indigenous Child Health Trainee:
  • Locations are at the Royal Children's Hospital (Parkville) and VACCA Preston
  • VACCA Preston is accessible by public transport and also has easily accessible free parking nearby at the Darebin Arts Centre
  • RCH is accessible by public transport, has a bike shed and shower facilities, and staff car-parking (paid) can be arranged.

The Wadja Aboriginal Family Place was established to provide a culturally sensitive service for Aboriginal children who attend RCH.  Wadja is staffed by Aboriginal Case Managers, Paediatricians, and a Paediatric Fellow.  Aboriginal staff provide cultural support, interpretation as well as case management to both inpatients and outpatients attending RCH.  

A large proportion of children attending Wadja have multiple medical and developmental co-morbidities.  Over 50% of children seen in the clinic have been involved in the Child Protection System and over 30% are in out of home care.  Children attending the clinic are seen jointly by a Paediatrician as well as an Aboriginal Case Manager.

The trainee will obtain direct experience through working with Indigenous colleagues, patients, families and community organisations. 

The trainee will provide information and advocacy in the area of health, wellness and development in Aboriginal children through educational activities and collaboration with community Indigenous agencies.