A one stop guide to Advanced Paediatric training in Victoria

Monash Children's Hospital - General Paediatrics


  • Successful applicants to these roles will need to upload information to the Monash careers recruitment site once they accept a position.
  • Positions listed on this page are situated at the Clayton campus of Monash Children's Hospital

Trainee Positions

  • 2 x Co-Chief RMO positions - 12 months
  • This role comprises 6 months General Paediatric Inpatient ATR and 6 months General Paediatric HITH ATR.  Applicants to a full 12 months in one of these components will be considered - this should be discussed with the site prior to application.
  • An additional interview will be required for short-listed candidates (in addition to your recorded VPAT interview) - this will occur 2 - 3 weeks after application closing date.
  • The successful candidates will be co-Chief Resident Medical Officers for MCH and will share these responsibilities for the 12 months, working closely together to provide cross cover for each role
  • It is recommended you obtain a position description for this role
  • HITH ATR provides care across a number of services:
    • Hospital in the Home - neonatal/paediatric
    • PACS Post Acute Care Service
    • Complex Kids - run in conjunction with the RCH Complex Care
    • School Care programme
    • IHP in home programme (long-term conditions, e.g. CP)
  • Inpatient ATR
    • Suitable for trainees seeking a supportive environment to develop their inpatient paediatric skills and knowledge
    • Provides initial for children admitted with respiratory, gastroenterological and neurological conditions admitted from the ED or clinics as well as children with chronic conditions.
    • Excellent opportunities for managing children with the full range of acute general paediatric conditions prior to referral (if required) to sub-specialty teams across Monash Children's Hospital
  • Chief RMO:
    • provides supervision to 2 General Paediatric teams, including regular ward round and review of unstable patients
    • provides liaison/pastoral support between nursing staff and junior HMO's
    • is actively involved in clinical teaching, unit research, administration, and protocol development
    • may participate in after hours "consultant first on call" roster after suitable experience
    • provides a trainee with responsibility, independence and flexibility for paediatric training, as well as research opportunities
    • is intended for a trainee in the penultimate or final year prior to admission to Fellowship of the RACP
    • is accredited for 6 months core and 6 months non-core General Paediatrics with the RACP


  • 2 x Adolescent Medicine and Emergency AT Registrar position - 12 months
    • Comprises 6 months in each of Paediatric Emergency and Adolescent Medicine 
      • ED is accredited for ATR, PEM (up to 12 months).  Job-share is possible
      • Adolescent Medicine is accredited for general paediatrics or for adolescent and young adult medicine.  FT/PT (job-share) available
    • This position is particularly valuable for PEM trainees or those interested in adolescent medicine and mental health.


  • Additional information regarding community positions (including an ED / Community pairing) can be found on a separate page for Monash Children's Community 


  • Additional information regarding General Paediatric AT positions at Casey Hospital or Dandenong Hospital can be found on the separate page for each of these sites (which are part of Monash Health)


  • Additional positions at Monash Children's Hospital Clayton that require direct application to Monash Health careers page 
    • The positions below are not recruited via VPAT and require direct application
      • Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine AT
      • Diabetes and Endocrinology AT
      • Infectious Diseases AT
      • Nephrology AT
      • Neurology AT
      • Rehabilitation Medicine AT
      • Respiratory Medicine AT
      • Rheumatology AT
      • Sleep Medicine AT

Trainee Levels

  • Chief RMO positions  - Advanced trainees (FRACP) in AT3 or AT2
  • Other roles:
    • Advanced trainees preferred (post FRACP exam)
    • Continuing basic trainees, unaccredited registrars, or overseas trained doctors with paediatric experience will be considered
      • Adolescent/ED role requires 4 years prior paediatric experience


  • Monash Doctors Recruitment  monashdoctorsrecruitment@monashhealth.org
  • Dr Cathy McAdam, Service Director General and Community Paediatrics - for inpatient role associated with Chief-RMO positions  Catherine.McAdam@monashhealth.org
  • Dr Sarah Jame - for HITH aspects of the Chief-RMO positions   Sarah.Jame@monashhealth.org.au
  • Dr Vered Schildkraut, HMO coordinator  vered.schildkraut@monashhealth.org
  • Dr Adam West - for ED positions    adam.west@monashhealth.org  0408361937
  • Dr Jacinta Coleman - for Adolescent positions  jacinta.coleman@monashhealth.org  

It is recommended that you obtain the position description(s) prior to application.

Roster and on-call

  • Chief RMO General Paediatric Inpatient ATR
    • For the 6 months inpatient portion, after-hours and on-call will be required
    • For the 6 months HITH portion, hours are primarily at the Clayton campus and require 8.5 hour shifts on-site.  There is no after-hours or on-call requirement.
  • Emergency Department positions
    • 24 hour rotating roster, covering all days/weekends/nights and on-call night shifts.  No rostered overtime, and unscheduled overtime is infrequent.  Most rostering requests are able to be accommodated.
  • Adolescent Unit positions
    • Weekdays 8:30 - 17:00 with a rostered half-day
    • The registrar contributes to the Monash Children's ward after hours (evening and weekend) cover and the on-call roster


  • Clinic exposure will vary depending on the rotation.

Education and Teaching

  • Protected regular program of teaching in all units comprising case studies, M&M meetings, registrar and fellow teaching sessions, and direct learning opportunities
  • Chief RMO ATR's are expected to be conducting a research project and excellent support is provided for developing projects and conducting research
  • Emergency Department has protected teaching on Wednesdays within the roster - including online education, skills/procedure training, and simulation training.


  • As per award 
  • Note that you will be required to upload your application details into the Monash Mercury system once notified of a successful application to enable MCH to process a contract.


  • Car parking (paid) is available
  • Train station is nearby

    Monash Children's Hospital is made up of 3 hospitals and a number of community centres in Melbourne's south-east.  Monash Children's Hospital at Clayton provides tertiary services and is the largest paediatric centre in Melbourne's south-east with 96 overnight beds, 10 PICU beds, 64 neonatal beds, a 22-bed same-day unit and a busy inpatient adolescent mental health service.  It is co-located with Monash Medical Centre- the tertiary adult centre for Monash Health allowing sharing of skills and facilitating transition. 

    Monash Children's Casey and Dandenong campuses provide general paediatric and special care nurseries and meet training required for core general paediatrics with perinatal in advanced training.

    We offer a supportive training environment with a culture fostering support within and across teams.  We have excellent training opportunities including procedural experience as appropriate.  Senior medical staff support, teach and mentor trainees, and there is excellent teaching across all units.  There are opportunities for trainees to be involved in research, as well as teaching of junior staff, medical students, nursing and allied health colleagues.  You will have the opportunity to participate in quality and safety activities, and there are opportunities to develop your leadership skills.