A one stop guide to Advanced Paediatric training in Victoria

Barwon Health - Geelong

Trainee Position

  • The Great Ocean Road Rotation: 24 months (two positions) 
    • Full-time
    • Accredited for a total of 12 months General Paediatrics with perinatal component (University Hospital Geelong); 6 months General Paediatrics rural training (Warrnambool Base Hospital); and 6 months Developmental and Psychosocial training. Please note that commitment is for the full two year rotation.​​​​


  • General Paediatric Senior Registrar: 6 months or 12 months (two positions)  
    • Full time for 12 months (2 positions) or 6 months (4 positions); or
    • Job share over 12 months (0.5 FTE each job-share partner)
    • Job share over 24 months (0.5 FTE each job-share partner)
    • Accredited for up to 12 months General Paediatrics with perinatal component (University Hospital Geelong) for advanced training.  Please note that this role is not accredited for rural training.
    • These roles have a proportionally larger acute inpatient component (general paediatrics and neonatal unit) but regular general paediatric outpatient clinic rostering


  • General Paediatric Outpatient Senior Registrar (Fellow): 24 months, job-share 0.5 FTE each (one position)
    • This position is not available for 2024 intake.  Next available commencement is February 2025.
    • 12 month job-share position for 2025 will be considered


  • General Paediatric Outpatient Registrar: 6 months or 12 months (one position)
    • This position can be job-shared over 12 months or over 24 months.  Job-share arrangements extending over 24 months will be favourably considered.
    • 6 month or 12 month positions applied to by a single applicant are for full-time roles
    • Accredited for General Paediatrics with perinatal component.  This role has a proportionally larger outpatient clinical component, but weekly acute inpatient clinical rostering (general paediatric ward and neonatal unit).  Please note that this roles is not accredited for rural training.
    • Includes clinics in Indigenous Health, Immigrant and refugee health, youth justice and detention, and General Paediatrics (hearing impairment focus).


  • Senior Fellow - Community Child Health: 12 months (one position)
    • Job-share available
    • Accredited for up to 12 months Community Child Health (University Hospital Geelong) - includes 12 months non-core training, 6 months Community-based multidisciplinary (concurrent requirement), 3 months Social Paediatrics (concurrent requirement).  
    • Weekly community clinics including out-of-home-care clinic, autism assessment clinic, First 1000 Days clinics and CAMHS placement day.  
    • Funding of position is contingent on recruitment in last year of training or first year of Fellowship with a view to establishing consultant practice in the Barwon region.  Previous advanced paediatric training in the region and/or other demonstration of commitment to longer-term practice in the region is therefore highly desirable.

Trainee Level

  • Advanced Trainee (post FRACP exams) required for Great Ocean Road rotation and Senior COmmunity CHild Health Fellow positions, and highly desirable (but not essential) for General Paediatric Senior Registrar and General Paediatric Outpatient Registrar positions.


  • Dr Isaac Marshall: isaac.marshall@barwonhealth.org.au

Roster and on-call

  • Varies with position.  Please contact for further information.


  • 24 paediatric beds
  • 13 bed level 5 SCN (2,600 deliveries per year)
  • Very busy Emergency Department (18,000 paediatric presentations/year)
  • ICU staff includes two paediatric intensivists: routinely care for up to 2 admissions at any time

Junior Staff

  • 7 Residents including two paediatric trainees (one as part of Extended Rural Scheme)
  • 6 rotating registrars (paediatric), 1-2 GP registrars
  • 1 general paediatric outpatient fellow and 1 general paediatric outpatient registrar
  • 2 general paediatric fellows (part inpatient, part community)
  • 1 senior community child health fellow

Senior Staff

  • 24 consultant paediatricians based in Geelong
  • Two consultants on service for acute services each week
  • Two paediatric consultants amongst ED consultant medical staff
  • Two paediatric intensivists amongst ICU consultant medical staff
  • Three dual-trained general paediatricians/neonatologists


  • All outpatients have direct consultant supervision
  • Weekly General Paediatric clinics
  • Twice weekly multidisciplinary Diabetes clinics
  • Weekly Immigrant/Refugee Health clinic
  • Weekly Indigenous Health (Wathaurong) clinic
  • Weekly Hearing Impairment and First Seizure clinic
  • Cherry Creek Youth Justice Centre outreach clinic
  • Regular Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service clinic
  • Diverse range of Community Child Health clinics through Barwon Health North (First 1000 Days; Out of Home Care; Vulnerable Infant)

Education and Teaching

  • Extensive: including fortnightly in situ (ward-based) SIM training, weekly blocked teaching afternoon, weekly academic presentations, monthly Safety and Quality meetings and access to RCH CCCH program (for community fellows)
  • Trainees are strongly encouraged to complete a research project while placed with us, utilising resources at the ready including the Child Health Research Unit at Barwon Health (CHeRUB) and Barwon Infant Study.  Three of the paediatric consultants hold PhDs and one is Director of Research at Deakin Univeristy and co-chairs the Children’s Inpatient Research Collaboration of Australia and New Zealand (CIRCAN).  There is a particular emphasis on quality improvement projects within the unit, lead by a designated paediatrician with extensive research experience.


  • As per award


  • Accommodation will need to be sourced privately for these positions

    Barwon Health Children’s Services is a busy regional paediatric unit with an all-encompassing, truly “general” paediatric experience on offer.  The general paediatric ward regularly manages presentations across the breadth of paediatrics.  Our neonatal unit is one of only two in the state managing to Level 5 neonatal capability (as acute but as supported as it gets outside of NICU).  We have an expansive (and expanding) scope of paediatric outpatient and community child health clinics.  We have immediate access to world standard research through the Deakin University Child Health Research Unit that is heavily embedded int he clinical space - headed by one of our very own paediatricians and ready for you to complete your College project (or start your PhD) with us.

    And after handover there’s ready access to all the surf- and turf-based recreation the Bellarine and Surf Coast has to offer.  We pride ourselves on the team culture we continue to deliberately foster and welcome you to join our team if it fits in your training plans or career aspirations!