A one stop guide to Advanced Paediatric training in Victoria

Paired / Combined Positions

What are these?

A number of hospitals have joined together to offer their positions together.  This allows trainees to obtain rotations together in the one offer - taking the effort out of trying to apply to multiple health services and hope that your training needs are met.  These positions are 12 or 24 month positions.

Can I do these positions part-time or in a job-share?

  • For some positions this may be possible.  It is important that you review the information in the pages for each of the health services to see what conditions are in place.  If it is not clear from their site, then please contact each health service to find out whether part-time and/or job-share partners will be considered.


  • Please contact each site within the combination position as listed on their respective page.

How do these work?

  • If you are offered a Combination (paired) position then you will receive separate contracts from each of the health services for the rotations (ie 2 x 6-month contracts).  These are not secondment positions and therefore accommodation and other entitlements are as per direct-appointments to each health service.  
  • Don't see the combination you are interested in? 
    • You may do separate preferences for 1st 6 months and for 2nd 6 months
      • Do not preference rural sites in both 1st and 2nd terms unless you are genuinely prepared to work at 2 different rural sites within the year.  Choose your rural in either 1st 6 months or in the 2nd 6 months, or even better - choose a 12 month position for your rural term!
    • We may be able to pair other positions up - if you think something should be paired up for 2025 applications, please email so we can start those negotiations:  vpat.recruitment@gmail.com

What combination roles are there currently?

All of the combinations listed below are for 6 month rotations in each setting

There are no guarantees which order you will be allocated to the rotations - if there is a reason you require a particular order, this will need to be discussed with the "main" recruitment site (listed in brackets at the end of the position) and you will then also need to email the allocations team:  vpat.recruitment@gmail.com

Please remember that most of the rural sites are able to offer you both Gen Paeds and Community/Developmental if you accept a 12 month position in Gen Paeds (please see individual sites page for information on accreditation) - this does not require you to find a combination job if the site offers this - just preference it as Gen Paeds.  You will also concurrently tick off the rural component.

2 year positions:

  • West Side Rotations - Sunshine JKWC and Shepparton collaboration:
    • Western Core AT 2 year program (meets all core Gen Paeds AT training requirements):
      • In year 1 you will do Gen Paeds with perinatal at Shepparton and Gen Paeds at Sunshine JKWC (if you require your rural in a particular order, then please contact us) - this provides your 12 months core Gen Paeds, including 6 months with perinatal; as well as getting your rural concurrently
      • In year 2 you will do Acute (Paeds ED at Sunshine) and Community rotations in either order.  You may be able to do NICU instead of Paeds ED, but this will need to be discussed prior.


  • Great Ocean Road Rotations - Geelong and Warnambool collaboration:
    • Geelong Gen Paeds with perinatal (12 months total) / Warnambool Gen Paeds with perinatal (rural) / Geelong Community 


1 year positions (see individual site pages) - note that these rotations may be in any order - if you require a specific order you must discuss this with the contact site prior to allocations

  • Werribee Gen Paeds / Sunshine Paed ED (main: Werribee)
  • Werribee Gen Paeds / Mercy NICU (main: Werribee)
  • Werribee Gen Paeds / Werribee Community
  • Werribee Gen Paeds / Shepparton Gen Paeds (main: Werribee)
  • Werribee Gen Paeds / Mildura Gen Paeds (main: Werribee) - note this is not on offer for 2024
  • Sunshine JKWC Gen Paeds / Bacchus Marsh Community (main:  Sunshine JKWC Gen Paeds)
  • Sunshine JKWC Gen Paeds / Sunshine JKWC Community (main: Sunshine JKWC Gen Paeds)
  • Sunshine JKWC Gen Paeds / Sunshine JKWC NICU (main: Sunshine JKWC Gen Paeds)
  • Sunshine JKWC Gen Paeds / Sunshine Paed ED (main:  Sunshine JKWC Gen Paeds)
  • Sunshine Paed ED / Sunshine JKWC Community (main: Sunshine JKWC Gen Paeds)
  • Sunshine Paed ED / Bacchus Marsh Community (main:  Sunshine JKWC Gen Paeds)
  • Sunshine JKWC Gen Paeds / Werribee Gen Paeds (main: Sunshine JKWC Gen Paeds)
  • Northern Community / Northern Gen Paeds
  • Northern Gen Paeds / Northern Paed ED 
  • Northern Paed ED / Nothern Community
  • Eastern Gen Paeds / Monash NICU (main: Eastern)
  • Eastern Gen Paeds / CYMHS (main:  Eastern)
  • Austin Gen Paeds / Austin Gen Paeds with CYMHS
  • Austin Gen Paeds / Mercy NICU
  • Geelong Gen Paeds / Geelong Community
  • Bendigo Gen Paeds / Bendigo Community
  • Bendigo Gen Paeds / Echuca Community (main: Bendigo)
  • Shepparton Gen Paeds / Shepparton Community
  • Frankston Gen Paeds / Frankston Community
  • Monash Chief RMO - Gen Paeds / HITH
  • Monash Paed ED / Monash Community
  • Monash Paed ED / Monash Adolescent Med


    Combined Positions are designed to take the stress out of trying to get a 12 month position with 6 months at each of 2 different health services.  

    Most of these positions will come with separate contracts for each Health Service.