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Online Application Process

  • Applications for 2023 are not yet open. Further details will be posted here once the applications open.

  • This site will be open for applications from early July 2022, with applications closing on July 31st 2022. 

  • It is STRONGLY recommended that you make contact with health services directly to ensure you know what the position entails and whether it meets your training needs.

  • Applications will be reviewed during August with a single offer occurring in the first 2 weeks of September.

  • Applications require the following:

    • Form completely filled in 

    • Upload a CV (one copy only) and a cover letter (you should consider submitting more than one cover letter if you are applying for specific roles)

    • Rank no more than 10 positions you are interested in - do NOT rank a position if you are not genuinely prepared to accept it

      • A second round will occur for those who do not secure one of their initial preferences 

    • Click the link and record your interview - this MUST be done to be considered, and this link also closes on July 31st

    • Place your referees' emails into the form so that referee reports can be sent to them.  Mobile phone numbers are preferred for contact with referees.