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Online Application Process

  • Applications for 2023 first round offers closed on 31st July.  However, positions are still available.  The application portal is currently open until 30th September 2022 for positions in 2023.

  • Read about the application process here.  If you having difficulties applying please email vpat.recruitment@gmail.com

  • If you are not sure whether a job will meet your training requirements, it is recommended that you make contact with the health services directly to ensure you know what the position entails and whether it meets your training needs

  • Any un-allocated positions will be advertised in October 2022.

  • Applications require the following:

    • Form completely filled in, including your referee's details

    • Upload a CV (one copy only) and a cover letter (you should consider submitting more than one cover letter if you are applying for specific roles - but these need to be submitted as a single document). 

    • Place your referees' emails into the form so that referee reports can be sent to them electronically.  Mobile phone numbers are preferred when entering referee contact details.

    • Please ensure all your information is correct when you submit your application, including the correct email addresses for your referees (do NOT put in "test" emails, as this cannot be modified).  This form is not able to be edited once you have submitted!

    • Rank no more than 10 positions you are interested in - do NOT rank a position if you are not genuinely prepared to accept it

      • If you are genuinely prepared to accept ANY position, at any health service within VPAT (not just any of your preferenced jobs), then please tick the "Yes" box at the top - every site will then review your application.  If you are indicating "Yes" then it would be prudent to list the full number of preferences available to you.

      • A second round will occur for those who do not secure one of their initial preferences - however you will not be invited to this second round if you decline your first round offer.  If you think you would decline a first-round offer from any of the health services, then you should tick "No" to the question about accepting any position at any health service within VPAT.

    • Click the link and record your interview - this MUST be done to be considered, and this link also closes on July 31st

    • You may view your submission or update your preferences via the Victorian Paediatric Advanced Trainee (VPAT) portal (https://vpat.au).


    • You may update the LENGTH of job you would like to be considered for

    • You may update the ORDER of your preferences

    • We do NOT recommend ADDING sites to your preferences, as shortlisting +/- interviews are now in process.  Adding a site will require you to notify the site directly to confirm they will still you consider you.

    • This site will be open for applications from 4th July 2022, with applications closing on July 31st 2022. APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. 

    • Applications will be reviewed during August with a single offer occurring in the first 2 weeks of September.