A one stop guide to rural training in Victoria



Comparison matrix of different sites


Location Trainees/ Term Trainee Level Roster & on call Wards Junior staff Senior staff Clinics (trainees can attend) Education & Teaching Pay Accom.
Albury-Wodonga 1 Registrar (12 month or 2 x 6 months) Advanced preferred, Post neonatal term (usually post FRACP exam) Rotating 4 week roster - Paeds ward/SCN/OPD/other; on call 1 night/wk, 1:5 w/ends5-week rotating roster with other 4 registrars 16 paed beds, 12 bed level 4 SCN (1,650 births/ year) 4 other registrars (2 x SCH, 1 rotating Canberra, 1 local non-accredited) 5 x FT VMOs in group practice 3 x private clinics/wk (Advanced trainees), 2 x hospital based clinics/wk incl. 1 x paed ward f/u clinic, 1 x early neonatal f/u clinic Journal clubs, radiology meetings, peri-natal & paeds M&M, video linked grand rounds (SCH), VicFEAT, College project opportunities As per award including overtime Help provided to find accom for 12 month Registrars, must have own car
Ballarat 2 Registrars, 6 months x 2 terms/year (job share possible) Advanced preferred, post FRACP exams Rotating 4 week roster - Paeds ward/SCN/OPD/other; on call 1 night/wk, 1:5 w/ends 16 paed beds, 12 bed level 4 SCN (1,400 births per year) 5 Residents 24 hour ward cover; 4 Registrars & 1 Fellow 8 x PT VMOs in group practice 4 Gen Paeds clinics/wk, Diabetic clinic, Immigrant Health Clinic, VPRS clinic, Continence clinic, outreach to Stawell & Horsham Weekly Registrar education program; grand round 2x/wk; Monthly M&M, clinical meeting, fortnighly journal club; medical student & resident teaching; VicFEAT; PROMPT & Neoresus; Fellow CCCH program As per award plus on call allowance, call backs and overtime Provided, walking distance to hospital, can cater for families, partially reimbursed
1 Fellow (12 months only) Outpatient based (accredited for 6mo Community & 6mo Rural/Regional training), 1 night on call/wk, 1:5 weekends
Bendigo 4 six month jobs (12 month available) Advanced preferred,
will consider Basic trainees
Rotating roster. 43 hour weeks, 24 hour roster, multiple OP clinics/week 12 paed beds, 10 bed level 4 SCN (1,350 births per year) 5 HMO staff (incl one paediatric trainee), 2 other registrar (ED Reg & advanced skills GP) Hospital: 9 x VMOs 1 x post admission clinic/wk, 1 x gen paed clinic/wk; 1 x paed diabetes clinic/fortnight Weekly 3 hour protecting teaching time Rural Child Health Training module; weekly x-ray meeting, SIM & unit education meeting. Lots of Monash Uni students about As per award Hospital accom available at cost
Geelong - no longer rural accredited     Contact Barwon Health for positions available              
Mildura 2 six month jobs or 1 x 12 month job Advanced, post FRACP exams Rural/Regional accredited (& Community/ Developmental or Acute care for 12mo job). Mixed acute wards & outpatient clinics. 0800-1700 Mon-Fri, on call consultant roster (with supervision), weekends 2nd on call. 10 paed beds, 6 bed level 3 SCN 5 residents 5 x FT Staff Specialists. 2 days/wk gen paeds clinic, 1 day/month outreach, 1 day/week CYMHS intake assessment for devel/ behavioural paeds Fri 1230-1530 incl clinical governance, M&M, case pres., journal club As per award Neogtiable
Shepparton 3 Registrars (6 or 12 months) Advanced or Provisional Advanced Rural & Gen Paeds accredited; 12 months also community accredited; rotating 4 week roster with 1:4 to 1:5 on weekends 12 paed beds (flex to 16), 9 bed Level 4 SCN (1,300 births per year) 5 Registrars 24/7 on site, 1 Fellow; 3 HMOs 4.5 X FT Staff Specialists; 1 x FT VMO Reg: 6/wk in week off call, all supervised: Rapid r/v, Gen Paeds, Behav/Devel; options - CCH, Diabetes, Cardiol, VCGS, VPRS, SMO/VMO OPC RCH-CCCH seminar VC, RMO/Reg teaching, weekly Reg presentations, Teleconf/IT/VC lectures, journal club, VicFEAT, MDMs, M&Ms, audits, Radiology, G/rounds, Fellow support, UoM RCS CAH medical student site, FRACP exam preparation program As per award Provided
1 Fellow (12 months) Advanced Rural & Community plus acute/gen paeds accredited; first on call (with consultant back up) ~1x/wk & 1:4 to 1:5 weekends Fellow: Gen Paeds, Behav/Devel, MCHN, Indigenous, Refugee, School, DHHS
Traralgon 5 accredited
Registrars, 6 or 12 months (12 months preferred)
Advanced, post FRACP exams preferred
Registrar cover 24/7 in 2 shifts 10 paed beds, 10 bed Level 4 SCN (1,000 births per year) 3 HMOs (incl 2 x VPTP JRMOs) 5 Staff Specialists 3 Reg clinics/week with consultant supervision Weekly SCH and Monash Children's Grand Round videoconference, weekly case presentations, monthly M&M, journal club and radiology meeting, Wed dedicted teaching time As per award Not for 12 month applicants, possible partial subsidy for 6 month applicants
Wangaratta 2 Registrar position, 2 x 6 months or 1 x 12 months Advanced, post FRACP exams Rural accredited (& Community/Acute for 12mo job), cover acute ward, SCN and labour ward. On call 2 nights per week; half day Friday; no weekends or public holidays 10 paed beds, 6 bed SCN (700 births per year) 1 resident, 1 Advanced trainee Reg, 3 GP Registrars 5 x VMOs Gen paeds clinic & Paed OP review clinic, 2nd weekly CAMHS clinic; outreach cardiology, endocinology, ASAT Monthly radiology, ED/ paeds, child psychiatry meetings & paed journal club, weekly registrar case discussion, grand rounds As per award Assistance provided
West Gippsland Healthcare (Warragul) 2 Registrars (job share possible), 12 or 6 months Advanced, FRACP preferred Mixed acute wards and private rooms, accredited for both rural and community; on call 1 night in 4 junior staff roster; weekends 1:4 Sat/Sun only 8 paed beds, 6 bed level 4 SCN (>1000 births per year) 4 junior staff (incl. GP trainee & SRMO from Vic Paeds Basic Training Program) 3 x FT & 2 x part time paediatricians Daily clinics (supervised) while sharing ward responsibilities; regular outreach to Leongatha, Wonthaggi & Moe, on-site multidisciplinary meetings, tertiary subspecialist clinics, specialist school visits Friday morning journal club, formal presentations, education sessions and college activities, regular medical student teaching As per award plus on call allowance, call backs and overtime Provided, walking distance to hospital, can cater for families, nominal cost
Southwest Healthcare Warrnambool 1 Advanced trainee (job share possible), 12 or 6 months Advanced, need neonatal experience Rural accredited, roster 1 in 3, shared with GP reg and 2nd year RMO, days off after weekend on call 10 paed beds, 6 bed level 4 SCN (800 births per year) 2 HMOs-cover 0800-2200 hours in hospital, as well as this position Equivalent to 3.5 EFT full time shared Dedicated consulting room in group practice. Multidisciplinary diabetes clinic monthly, Gen Paeds, Behaviour and DDH clinics (incl USS education), optional outreach clinics with paediatrician. Weekly journal club & case presentations, monthly radiology, perinatal M&M, allied health & CAMHS shared patient meetings; teaching Deakin med students, PROMPT, VicFEAT, weekly Rural Child Health teaching As per award level plus on call allowance, call backs and overtime Free 3 bedroom
apartment with small yard across the road from the hospital