A one stop guide to rural training in Victoria



Trainee Positions

  • 5 Registrars (6 or 12 months) - accredited for Rural & Gen Paeds with SCN training (6 month positions); 12 months also accredited for Community or Gen Paeds training 
  • 1 Fellow (12 months only) - accredited for Rural & Community or Gen Paeds training

Trainee Level

  • Advanced or Provisional Advanced Trainees welcome
  • Program to assist in clinical examination preparation for Provisional AT is available


Roster and on-call

  • Registrar - Rotating 4 week roster with 1:4 to 1:5 weekends
  • Fellow - First on call (with Consultant back up) approx. 1 x 24hr/wk & 1:4 to 1:5 weekends


  • 12 paediatric beds (flexible to 16)
  • 9 Cots Level 4 SCN from 32 wks and >1500 g  (1300 births p.a.)
  • CPAP available

Junior Staff

  • 24/7 on site Registrar cover.
  • 3 HMOs (2 GVH & 1 RCH Basic Trainee)
  • 5 Registrars; 1 Fellow (VPRAT/RCH-CCCH preferred)

Senior Staff

  • 5.3 x full time Staff Specialists; 1 x full time VMO

Clinics (that trainees can attend)

  • Registrar - 3 types of clinics (total 6 clinics/week on week off call, all supervised):
    • Rapid Review
    • General Paediatrics
    • Behavioural/Developmental
    • Optional clinics - CCH, Diabetes, Cardiology, General Surgery, VCGS, VPRS, SMO/ VMO OPC.
  • Fellow: Gen Paeds, Behav/Devel, MCHN, Indigenous, Refugee, School, DHHS

Education and Teaching

  • Full education & teaching programme; meets RACP requirements.
  • RCH-CCCH seminar VC
  • RMO/Reg teaching program, weekly Reg presentations, Teleconf/IT/VC lectures
  • Weekly consultant led teaching session
  • Journal club, VicFEAT, MDMs (plus weekly CAU), M&Ms, Audits, Radiology, Perinatal M&M, Grand rounds.
  • Fellow support.
  • UoM RCS CAH medical student site
  • FRACP clinical exam preparation program available


  • As per award (AMA Drs in Training) incl. 5 hours training time per week.


  • Provided

    Shepparton: Goulburn Valley Health (GVH) serves one of the most dynamic, fast-growing and multicultural communities in regional Australia. Only two hours north of Melbourne, we have strong ties with metro tertiary hospitals and education centres and can offer opportunities for teaching, further education and research. It is linked with the University of Melbourne, School of Rural Health and the Child & Adolescent Health Unit delivered through our Paediatric programme.

    There is a wide variety and depth of Paediatric medical experience to be had under supervision and mentoring, but also allowing your initiative and experiential development. There is much opportunity to be involved with both GVH RMO and university teaching. You will see the patient's "first hand" across acute and outpatient settings and be able to integrate your clinical knowledge and skills.

    Although within easy travel distance from Melbourne, it also has all the facilities you'd expect from a vibrant and fast-growing area. Yes you can get a great coffee, yes there's wonderful dining and quality shopping, great schools, gyms and sporting activities and entertainment. And there's the peace and beauty of the countryside. While there's a lot to enjoy in the Goulburn Valley, it's also easy to visit the Murray River region and the Victorian ski fields.