A one stop guide to rural training in Victoria



 Trainee Positions

  • 4 six month jobs (hospital based - 12 month applications welcomed)
    • Accredited for Rural/regional training
  • 2 twelve month jobs (mixed community and hospital based)
    • Accredited for Rural/regional and Community/developmental training

Trainee Level

  • Prefer Advanced, but will consider Basic trainee


  • For all applicatns - Dr Joel Ziffer: jziffer@bendigohealth.org.au; 03 54547372 (Assistant: Vicki Dean)
  • For 12 month community/hospital based applicants - Dr Merryn Redenbach: MerrynRedenbach@bchs.com.au; 03 5430 0500

Roster and on-call

  • Rotating roster: 43 hour weeks (incl. 5 hours teaching time) staffing a 24 hour roster with multiple outpatient clinics each week depending on shift time.
  • The 12 month jobs are designed as two weeks hospital work, alternate 2 weeks in Community Health (Mon-Fri 9-5).


  • 12 paediatric beds
  • 10 bed level 4 SCN (1,350 births) down to 32 weeks
  • Adult ICU supporting HDU paediatric patients

Junior Staff

  • 5 HMO staff (incl. one rotating paediatric trainee)
  • 1 other registrar in addition to the above positions (A&E or advanced skills GP streams)

Senior Staff

  • Hospital: 9 x VMO paediatricians
  • Community: 2 x Community Paediatricians, 1 x General Paediatrician

Clinics (that trainees can attend)

  • One post admission clinic per week, 3 general paediatric clinics per week, 1 paediatrics diabetes clinic fortnightly
  • For those working in the 12 month positions, the Community Health weeks are around 70% clinics, 30% admin and multidisciplinary meetings.

Education and Teaching

  • 3 hours protected teachign time Wed afternoon Rural Child Health training module
  • Weekly x-ray meeting, multi-disciplinary simulation sessions and unit education meeting
  • Lots of Monash Uni students about.


  • As per award.


  • Hospital accommodation availavle at cost.

    Bendigo is a lovely place to live & work. Very active RMO group. Heathcote wineries nearby. Join a Saturday morning bike group. Live theatre with new shows every couple of weeks. A hospital that has a lot of energy, excitement and optimism as it faces a complete rebuild. Trains run to Melbourne hourly. An easy 90 minute drive to the centre of Melbourne. Good schools, long day care available. Ideally suits trainees in their final couple of years of training (if you wanted to come for a year and knock off both your community and rural terms, we have set it up), but we've valued and supported basic trainees in this role in the past